About Međugorje

Međugorje is the famous place, situated in the south part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is inhabited place in Čitluk′ s municipality. It spreads between two big geographical areas: mountain on the north and sea on the south. Mountain massif on the north of 2000 metres height above sea level provides great climate conditions. Because of the closeness of the Adriatic Sea, relief and height above sea level there is Mediterranean climate here.

There are 4300 inhabitants in town. And every one is aware that this is one of the most famous and the most visited catholic sanctum in the world. In 1981 when Virgin Mary started to appear as a phenomenon, this place became famous through the world. It started to attract believers, pilgrims who find peace and faith in Međjugorje sanctum. The centre of gathering in this sanctum is St. Jacob′ s church, in the centre of Međugorje. After June 24 in 1981 when Our Lady appeared on the hill Crnica in the area of Podbrdo many ill, as well as healthy people gather in pray. The shape of Our Lady saw more than six children through who she sent massages of peace to the world.

The thing that most pilgrims want to see is the Hill of Apparition (Brdo Ukazanja). That is a place of first apparitions, a few hundred metres above Bijakovići village called Podbrdo. Sheer path leads to this place and bronze relieves of sacraments were put beside it. On the road to the place of Apparition there is a wooden cross where Our Lady called for the first time on conversion and peace, through a little girl. In the honour of twentieth anniversary, the statue of Queen of Peace was put at the exact point of Apparition. The statue is made by model which stands in front of the church.

Encounter with the Hill of Apparition for pilgrims means the encounter with Our Lady through personal pray and rosary.

Križevac is the hill above Meeđugorje (520 m) where parishioners put concrete cross (8, 56 m) in March1934. It has been put there in honour of 1900th Anniversary of Christ′ s passion. On the cross there have been installed the holy relics of Jesus′ cross which were brought from Rome. After that every Sunday after Nativity of Virgin Mary the mass is said on Križevac, at the honour of Extolling of the Cross. After the Apparition the way of the Cross is held on Križevac. In the beginning the stop were marked with wooden crosses, but in 1988 bronze relieves were put there. Križevac is a special hill because it calls people to meet the Jesus.

St. Jakob′ s church – after praying on the Hill of Apparition or Križevac pilgrims come to the mass at the St. Jakob′ s church which is placed in the centre of this town. The church was finished in 1969 and since then it has been the centre of praying for parishioner, and also for pilgrims after the Apparition. The church and its surroundings are constantly decorated because of the pilgrims’ needs.

On the church square there is a stone statue of Queen of the peace which was put in 1987 and became a symbol of Sanctum. Beside this statue the statue of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić was put there in 1998, near outside confessional.

Beside the Statue of Queen of Peace there is a picture of her in the Meeting Hall. The Hall has 800 seats and was built in 1998. Pilgrims′ gatherings in pray required space for their encounters and seminars. Because of these needs, the Hall was built.

Pilgrims who comes in this Sanctum witnesses about deep and personal experience of this phenomenon such as healing of the mental wounds, emotional touch and confessions in almost every language of the world. Međugorje attracts many young Catholics from all over the world, who gather in Herzegovina during summer on annual youth festival.

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